Lime Scale EP

by Cantaloupe Legs

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recorded using my phone in dorm rooms and bedrooms. very much so demo recordings


released January 6, 2014

thnx 2 diana h for letting me use her guitar to write these and to record 'lime scale'

thnx 2 finals for making me sad enough to write 'camera song'

thnx 2 garageband app (tm) for amazzzing drum noises



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Cantaloupe Legs New York, New York

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Track Name: Lime Scale
now that i know
i've got all my toes
falling off
off of me into your skull
your sledgehammer smile made me crawl for a while
i guess i'll take it one baby step at a time

lime scaly skin
a fall from grace to get in
but i still don't feel a part of things now
and although i know
where i put all my clothes
i won't go back
the laundromat feels more appealing now

fucking wasted my time in my fantasy
but i won't say the time was wasted for nothing
Track Name: Camera Song
oh no
your whispered pictures
but you took the whole world

so sad
your favorite hideout
was just found out
and it's time to go home

oh no
your silent pictures
are noisy now
but they still don't say a thing

so sad
your home's not there now
and where are your friends
when you can only stay

where are your friends
when you're all alone
they're not inside your head
they're not inside mine, no

sometimes i wish
my schizophrenic
side would come out
so then i wouldn't have to be

alone again
with just my thoughts as friends
and i know it's all the same

oh no
you've stopped taking pictures
the paper's yellowing
and your camera's still at home

so sad
the weather's already
turned for the worse
and your camera's still at home
Track Name: Ant Song
one day when i was walking home from school an ant came up to me
and said, "hey little boy, what's the deal? you just stepped on my family!"
and he turned as red as a red ant and he took my math homework from me

so i chased him all through town in side streets and real sketchy back alleys
i said, "hey little bug, i don't want to fail geometry!"
but he kept on running,
yeah he took it from me

so you're tired and you don't have a home
i don't care, little bug, i gotta do my own thing
you can do it alone
cuz i've done is too

a crowd of people gathered round when ant and i began to brawl
but it looked like i was gonna lose when tears ran down my face
but i gained the upper hand and i smashed him completely

so you're dead and your family's dead too
i don't care little bug i gotta do my own thing
you could've done it alone
cuz i've done it too

and i'm tired and i don't have a home
i don't care--i don't care--i don't fucking care
i just know i can't do it alone
i can't even move

fuck geometry